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Note: Please replace all single curly brackets with double curly brackets for now. :/

Init SoundManager

Required to initialize soundmanager


Current Playing Track status

Currently Playing: { currentPlaying.title } by { currentPlaying.artist } ({ currentPostion } / { currentDuration })

Add Music

<button music-player add-song="song">+</button>

To add + play selected track:

<button music-player="play" add-song="song">{song.title}</button>

To play song from playlist:

<a play-from-playlist="song">{song.title}</a>

var song must contain following data:

    id: 'one',
    title: 'Rain',
    artist: 'Drake',
    url: 'http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/demo/_mp3/rain.mp3'

Remove from playlist

<a remove-from-playlist="song" data-index="{$index}">Remove</a>

Seek Track


<div class="seekBase" seek-track>
    <div class="seekLoad" ng-style="{width : ( progress + '%' ) }"></div>

Play Track

<button play-music>Play</button>

Play All Tracks

<button play-all="songs">Play all</button>
Add All Tracks

Following will only add tracks to playlist and will not trigger play

<button play-all="songs" data-play="false">Add all</button>

Pause Track

<button pause-music>Pause</button>

Play Pause Toggle

<button play-pause-toggle data-play="Play!" data-pause="Pause!">Play Toggle</button>
  • Show playing status
Is Playing: { isPlaying }

Stop Track

<button stop-music>Stop</button>

Previous Track

<button prev-track>Prev Track</button>

Next Track

<button next-track>Next Track</button>

Mute Track

<button mute-music>Mute ({ mute })</button>

Repeat Track

<button repeat-music>Repeat ({ repeat })</button>



<button music-volume data-type="increase">+</button>


<button music-volume data-type="decrease">-</button>
  • Show current volume

Clear Playlist

<button clear-playlist>Clear Playlist</button>